Dyson - Cyclone V10 Motorhead Cord-Free Stick Vacuum - Red Model:244393-01

by Dyson



Deep cleans carpets. Sucks up pet hair

Powerful suction and a direct drive cleaner head digs deep into carpet removing ground-in dirt.

Transforms to a handheld

Quickly and easily transforms to a handheld for cleaning on the stairs, in the car and on the sofa.

Perfectly balanced to clean up high

Lightweight and balanced for floor to ceiling cleaning. Cleans up top, down low and in-between.

Reaches under low furniture

Low profile cleaner heads and slim design make it easy to clean low and awkward spaces.

Whole machine filtration captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns

Captures dust and allergens to expel air cleaner than you breathe.

Up to 60 minutes fade-free power

Lighter, yet more powerful 7-cell lithium-ion batteries.

Point and shoot hygienic dirt ejector

Hygienically drives out dust and debris - shooting it in the bin, not the floor.

Acoustically engineered. Unpleasant tones eliminated

Acoustic baffles built into the motor divert direct sound and improve airflow, reducing noise.

Three power modes to choose from, to suit any task on any floor type

Suction power is controlled across three settings - suction mode 1, suction mode 2 and max suction mode.