The Evil Within 2 - PlayStation 4

by Sony

Product Features

  • You’ll need to stay alive if you want to save Lily, and these supplies will give you the aid you need to venture deeper into the madness.
  • Story of redemption
  • Sebastian must descend into the nightmare to win back his life and family.
  • Discover horrifying domains
  • Explore as far or quickly as you dare a world where nothing is quite what it seems, though be sure to prepare wisely.
  • Choose how to survive
  • Attack from the shadow with the crossbow, run like hell or go in guns blazing with very limited ammo.
  • Face disturbing enemies
  • Survive encounters with sadistic enemies and meet characters who may lead - or mislead - you on your path to redemption.
  • Visceral horror and suspense
  • Enter a twisted world filled with anxiety-inducing thrills and disturbing horrors around every corner.