Zhiyun - Crane Plus 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer Model:CRANE-PLUS

by Canon



Compatible with most mirrorless and DSLR cameras

Fits most cameras and camcorders with lenses weighing up to 5.51 lbs. Works like a real crane machine with high stability and robustness.

Three-axis stabilization system

Supports 360° unlimited rotation along the three axes with perfect stabilizing performance and empowers you to shoot steady.

Zhiyun mobile app

Allows remote camera attitude control and mode switch for easier and more flexible operations via Bluetooth connection with compatible smartphones or tablets.

Object tracking via phone app control

Draw a box around the object you want to track on the phone screen, then your Crane Plus can easily track the moving object and shoot excellent scenes hands-free.

Point of View mode

Allows for additional camera movement by providing up to 45° of synchronous motion on the roll axis.

MotionMemory feature

Allows you to set up advanced camera movements and save them to Crane Plus.

Up to 18 hours of runtime

The included 26500 lithium-ion battery set provides up to 18 hours of runtime.

Full set of accessories in one box

Includes anti-slip sweatband, camera cables for controlling and charging your compatible camera, aluminum tripod for setting your Crane Plus down and using as an extended grip and more.

Bottom mounting thread

Allows to combine your Crane Plus with a variety of photography equipment to support your work.